GBA+Awareness Week 2016

GBA+ Awareness Week 2016

From May 16-20, federal public servants from across Canada were invited to participate in the fifth annual Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+) Awareness Week . This year, Awareness Week focussed on the theme: Embracing diversity. Delivering results.

Throughout the week, federal organizations planned learning events and activities to highlight how GBA+ supports the development of effective programs and policies for Canadians. Public servants participated in panel discussions, attended presentations and took the GBA+ online course. In addition, over 160 federal public servants danced in the streets of downtown Ottawa as part of Status of Women Canada’s Flash Mob Challenge!

GBA+ Awareness Week Flash Mob
GBA+ Awareness Week Flash Mob
GBA+ Awareness Week Flash Mob

More photos are available on Status of Women Canada's Facebook page.

Taking part in Awareness Week

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Question 1. True or False: Women and men are already equal in Canada, so GBA is not needed.Answer

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Question 2.True or False: Sex and gender are the same.Answer

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Question 3. True or False: GBA+ only applies to women’s issues – it is advocacy for women.Answer

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Question 4. True or False: There are differences in how men, women, boys and girls experience virtually every aspect of life.Answer

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