Women on Boards

The Business Case

Canadian women have high levels of education, training, leadership skills, and business experience. Their talents and capabilities represent a competitive advantage for the Canadian economy.

Yet in many ways, the "glass ceiling" still exists in Canada. While women now represent 47.5%Footnote 1 of the Canadian workforce, they hold just 26.6%Footnote 2 of senior management positions and 15.9%Footnote 3 of total board seats at Financial Post 500 companies.

Further information on increasing the number of women on boards can be found in The Business Case for Women on Boards booklet. The Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers responsible for the Status of Women commissioned The Conference Board of Canada to prepare this resource.

Rationale for Action

A growing body of research in recent years is helping to make the business case for advancing more women into senior roles. For example, it is now clear that increasing the number of women on corporate boards can produce real returns for employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders.
Elements of the business case include:

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