Learning Activities

Check out these ideas for engaging your students in a discussion about International Women’s Day.

  • Ask students to brainstorm some common gender stereotypes and suggest ideas for overcoming them. Implement the top ideas and engage the school community in a gender stereotype mythbusting campaign.
  • Ask students why equality matters to them and have them share their thoughts in an essay, art project, presentation or video.
  • Have students identify role models who have defied gender stereotypes to achieve success and present their achievements to the class.
  • Challenge students to write an essay exploring one of the discussion topics and/or proposing solutions to one issue related to equality between women and men.
  • Ask students to choose a subject from the list of discussion topics to research; have students present their findings to the class.
  • Ask students to prepare a short video that explores one of the discussion topics.
  • Work together as a class to research and raise funds for a women’s shelter or other organization that supports women; organize a school-wide fundraising event that raises awareness of International Women’s Day.
  • Have students volunteer at or visit a service organization that supports women; ask them to write or present a short report on their experience.
  • Ask students to identify how they can make their school more inclusive and implement one of their proposed solutions (e.g. students may wish to run public service announcements in the school newspaper encouraging young women to run for student council).
  • Screen a video related to the theme of International Women’s Day.
  • Invite a guest speaker from a local service or development organization to talk to students about the challenges facing women and what can be done to help them.
  • Have students work in groups to brainstorm what they can do to advance equality between women and men; write down the suggestions and display them in a public area of the school.
  • Ask students to prepare and present a skit exploring what youth can do to advance equality between women and men.
  • Make students "school ambassadors" for the International Women’s Day; task them with telling their peers about this special day and the reasons for marking it (e.g. students could set up information displays in public areas of the school).
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