International Women Day’s teacher toolkit

March 8 is International Women’s Day, an opportunity to reflect on the progress we have made towards achieving gender equality, to celebrate the contributions of inspiring gender equality change-makers, and to renew our commitment to advancing gender equality, in Canada and around the world. During this year’s #BecauseOfYou campaign join us in celebrating the inspiring and diverse trailblazers across Canada who are sparking grassroots movements and driving change in their communities. We encourage you to join the conversation and celebrate International Women's Day in your classroom!

Engage students

As part of International Women's Day lead a discussion, assign a research project or have students debate on one of the following topics.

Rights and equality

Young woman holding a megaphone

Leadership and democracy

Group of young women

Gender-based violence

Young person looking sad

Spark a conversation

Group of five young students discussing
Two young women holding books
Young people in a classroom

Encouraging your students to share their views and opinions on important social issues is a powerful way to engage them. Generate a dialogue in your classroom by asking students one or more of the following questions:

Lead activities in the classroom

Youth sitting around a table
Youth preparings posters
Youth listening to a presentation
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