How to celebrate Women’s History Month

  1. Educate yourself! Research a notable woman or women in Canadian history. Start online or at the library. Check our resource list for recommendations.
  2. Spread the word about women`s history and achievements using social media. Tweet about women you admire using the hashtag #WomenHistory or take the 31-day-challenge and share historic and recent information about Canadian Women every day on your favourite social media platform. Promote Women’s History Month and events that you hear about.
  3. Recognize outstanding women from your community’s past or present by writing an article, letter to the editor or blog post.
  4. Participate in or organize an event to celebrate Women's History Month.
  5. Plan a reception, luncheon or educational event that honours past and present Canadian women.
  6. Share inspirational quotes by Canadian Women.
  7. Organize a screening of a film or video about a woman from Canada’s history.
  8. Explore women’s history in your own family. Ask older relatives about their sisters, mothers and grandmothers. Go through family photos and identify the women pictured. Record what you learn.
  9. Read works by Canadian women authors. Suggest a Canadian women author for your book club. Consider reading early works like Susanna Moodie’s Roughing it in the Bush or Laure Conan’s Angéline de Montbrun.
  10. Visit a local museum, monument or other location of significance to women’s history. Take pictures and share your experience on social media.
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