International Day of the Girl

Banner for Women's History Month 2018

October 11 is International Day of the Girl, a UN international observance dedicated to championing girls’ rights around the world. In Canada, this day is an important part of Women’s History Month celebrations.

Throughout the world, girls face higher rates of violence, poverty, and discrimination. In Canada, girls have higher rates of depression, sexual harassment and dating violence.

There is a growing recognition that support for girls and their basic human rights is key to fostering healthy communities. That’s why International Day of the Girl promotes equal treatment and opportunities for girls in areas such as law, nutrition, freedom from violence and abuse, health care, education and training.

Girls’ economic empowerment is an important part of equality for girls – through improved access to education, increased political participation and leadership, and better support and training for girls in STEM, Canada and countries around the world can help create the conditions for girls to thrive in every aspect of their lives.


Across the country and internationally, girls are making an impact and creating positive change in their communities – and far beyond. They are leading the way as students, entrepreneurs, volunteers and activists, and proving that you are never too young to shape the future and improve the lives of others.

Throughout October, tell us about the girls who are making a difference in your community using the hashtag #MakeAnImpact. If you know a girl who’s making an impact, encourage her to share her story on social media.

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