Women's Program Funding in Action
Canadian Women in Communications (CWC)

Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver

Curriculum Framework for Women’s Strategic Digital Leadership Training

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Canadian Women in Communications (CWC) completed an innovative project to increase women’s participation in the communications sector in Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver. Highlights of the project include a “reverse mentorship program” to educate employers about the barriers and challenges facing women in communications. As well, an advisory council of industry experts produced a one-stop career planning resource, the Technology Media and Telecom Game Changers Learning Framework, for women in the industry. A peer mentoring model also proved so useful that CWC set up online networking groups to allow participants to continue using it once the project was complete.

"The communications industry is so fast-paced that we rarely stop to discuss the challenges that women face on a day-to-day basis. This amazing project opened my own eyes, and I hope it will lead to changes in the industry.

(project participant)
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