Women's Program

The objective of the Women's Program is to achieve the full participation of women in the economic, social and democratic life of Canada. Funding is provided to eligible organizations in support of projects at the local, regional and national levels that address the following three priority areas:

Eligible organizations and activities are determined by the Women's Program's funding criteria. Funding is not provided for ongoing activities, such as an organization's operations and administration. Also, as available funds are limited, not all qualified applicants may receive funding.

How do I apply?

The Women's Program issues targeted calls for proposals on specific themes, each with a number of predetermined elements, and application deadlines. Calls for Proposals

Status of Women Canada also accepts a small number of applications to the Women's Program on an ongoing basis. To ensure your proposed project fulfills the requirements of the Women's Program's eligibility criteria, please consult the General Eligibility Requirements or contact a Status of Women Canada office to discuss the application with a project officer.

Guidelines on Eligible Expenditures

To determine the types of expenses eligible for funding from Status of Women Canada, please consult the Guidelines on Eligible Expenditures.

Service Standards

View our Service Standards.

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