GBA+ Awareness Week 2019

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Canada is celebrating Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+) Awareness Week from September 23 -27, 2019 to coincide with Gender Equality Week!

Gender equality is necessary to achieving GBA+’s diversity and inclusion. Recognizing both at the same time provides an opportunity to learn more about GBA+ and its role in advancing equality between different groups of women and men.

Gender equality does not just benefit women and girls – gender equality contributes to a stronger, safer Canada that benefits everyone. GBA+ is the foundation on which we can continue to advance gender equality and build policies, programs and services that work for everyone.

The theme for the week, GBA+ Benefits Everyone, reminds us that when we apply a GBA+ approach to the development of government initiatives, we ensure that benefits are equally enjoyed — regardless of sex, gender, age, race, rurality, language, ability or any other identity factor.

Take part in GBA+ Awareness Week

GBA+ Awareness Week is a chance for federal organizations to plan learning events and activities that highlight how GBA+ supports their work and creates effective policies, programs and services. Here are some of the ways you could get involved:

Take the GBA+ Online Course

Learn the basics of GBA+ by taking the Introduction to GBA+ online course. The course was updated last fall to include new content on unconscious bias and intersectionality, including an intersectionality job aid.

Watch and Share the GBA+ Microlearning Videos

Watch the microlearning videos designed to explain how GBA+ works. The videos also demonstrate the many ways GBA+ helps us assess how diverse groups of people might experience government initiatives.

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