Unconscious bias – Additional resources


  • Unconscious bias training is best delivered in person. This topic requires interaction, trust, and the opportunity for people to meet in a safe environment. E-learning or webinars on their own are not appropriate delivery methods for unconscious bias training, nor will they produce measurable change. At minimum, consider a blended approach that includes some in-person training.
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Government of Canada unconscious bias training

  • Employment and Social Development Canada’s (ESDC) internal college has a course available to their employees called Richness of our differences.
  • The Centre for Intercultural Learning (CIL) at Global Affairs Canada (GAC) can be hired by other federal government organizations to deliver tailored training on unconscious bias.
    • The overall goal of this session is to increase awareness of unconscious bias and its influence on behaviour and decision-making.
    • If you would like to hire CIL for training on unconscious bias, you can contact them at: cultures@international.gc.ca.

Online resources

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