Introduction to GBA+

Illustrating the GBA+ process: Forest sector case study

7 - Document the process and findings

As GBA+ is an evidence-based process, it is critical to document your research and findings, including any consultations (formal or informal).

For example, as part of the GBA+ for this initiative, the following sources were used:

  • Bombay, Harry. “Many things to many people: Aboriginal forestry in Canada is looking toward balanced solutions.” Cultural Survival Quarterly 17.1 (Spring 1993).
  • Natural Resources Canada. Aboriginal Communities and Forestry [online]. 2010.
  • Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada. The State of Canada's Forests. Annual Report 2013 [online]. 2013.
  • Employment and Social Development Canada. Canadians in Context – Aboriginal Population [online]. 2014.
  • Statistics Canada. 2006 Census of Population. Statistics Canada catalogue no. 97-559-XCB2006011.

List all individuals and organizations consulted, including notes from interviews.