Introduction to GBA+


Communications specialists provide advice on communications products and strategies, facilitate access to media organizations, and ensure that an organization’s information is shared in an appropriate and accurate manner.

Illustration of a character with a headset.

Some questions to consider when incorporating GBA+ into communications are:

  • Who are the identified target audiences? Have I considered the diversity that exists within these audiences?
  • Does the message mean the same thing for all audiences?
  • Are the messages easily understood by people of all backgrounds and experiences?
  • Are the language, symbols and examples used in the communications products accessible and appropriate for all people?
  • How will the messages be disseminated? Do diverse groups within the target audience access information in the same ways?
  • What media will be most effective for reaching a broad variety of people within the target audiences?
  • Have you applied GBA+ to communications to explain and validate why decisions are made?