Introduction to GBA+

The History of GBA+ - Domestic and international milestones

Building Accountability (2003 - present)

Once GBA was accepted as the means to develop policies, programs, and legislation which contribute to gender equality, there was a need to build accountability. This means establishing policies and institutional mechanisms to coordinate and monitor the use of GBA across the Government.

The following events contribute to the ongoing efforts to make the application and use of GBA systematic in the Federal Government:

Standing Committee on the Status of Women

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Gender-based Analysis: Building blocks for success

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GBA Treasury Board submission requirement

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Spring report of the Office of the Auditor General

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Departmental Action Plan on Gender-based Analysis

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Public Accounts Committee review of GBA audit

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From GBA to GBA+

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Appointment of full Minister of Status of Women

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Auditor General Audit of GBA

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Reports of Public Accounts Committee and Committee on Status of Women

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Mandatory Requirements for GBA+ in Memoranda to Cabinet and Treasury Board submissions

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GBA+ Action Plan (2016-2020)

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Interim Progress Report on the implementation of GBA+

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GBA+ of budgetary measures

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Budget 2018

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Moving forward

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