Introduction to GBA+

Identifying a Responsibility Centre

The role of a GBA+ Responsibility Centre is to lead, support, and monitor implementation of a GBA+ framework, and the ongoing practice of GBA+.

The Responsibility Centre also provides oversight, direction, and promotion of GBA+ across your organization.

It is recommended that the Responsibility Centre be identified in a part of the organization with broad reach, such as a strategic policy unit, to ensure access to various parts of your organization.

It is not recommended that a Human Resources or employment equity group be the lead. GBA+ is intended to be applied within all sectors. While increasing diverse representation may be a priority, applying GBA+ is about more than hiring practices.

While one section or unit may have lead responsibility, it is also recommended that you form a GBA+ intra-departmental working group with diverse representatives from across the organization, which would be able to influence decisions in numerous sectors.

A GBA+ champion in senior management should be identified to convey key commitments across the organization, provide updates on GBA+ to senior management, and to be the spokesperson for initiatives and results.

GBA+ framework - Responsibility Centre

Case Study: GBA+ framework in a public security organization

Case Study: GBA+ framework in a public security organization

2 - Responsibility Centre

The Rockford Police Department has identified the Planning, Performance and Analytics Division (PPAD) as the lead Responsibility Centre for GBA+ framework implementation. The PPAD is situated in the Office of the Chief Directorate, which has a broad reach across the Department.

A GBA+ working group has also been formed. Members represent each of the eight directorates, all with influence in their respective areas. As well, consideration was given to cultural, age, and gender diversity, as well as length of service, with emphasis on the inclusion of front-line officers.

Supt. Flint, Director General, Criminal Investigations Directorate, has been identified as the GBA+ champion. He heads a section in which a lack of diversity has been consistently identified, and where gender and diversity analysis have not normally been considered. Additionally, Supt. Flint has recently taken GBA+ training at the local police college, and has demonstrated influence both inside the department and in the community.