Introduction to GBA+

Policy statement

A GBA+ policy statement, or statement of intent, is a clearly articulated commitment to GBA+ with the endorsement of senior management, which provides a mandate to proceed with building supporting structures, policies, and activities.

The statement should include the following elements:

  • A high-level organizational commitment to GBA+ 
  • An articulation of the link between GBA+ and the organization’s work/issues
  • A commitment to implementing and sustaining the practice of GBA+ as standard, ongoing function

In developing an organizational statement of intent for GBA+, it is valuable to involve a broad cross-section of employees from various functional roles, branches/sectors and levels. Organizations that have consulted widely on their GBA+ policies receive greater cooperation and agreement on the importance and relevance of GBA+ in their work.

To ensure the statement of intent goes beyond the symbolic, the other elements of the framework must also be implemented.

GBA+ framework - Policy Statement

Case Study: GBA+ framework in a public security organization

Case Study: GBA+ framework in a public security organization

6 - Policy statement

The working group has drafted the following policy statement:

The Rockford Police Department (RPD) is committed to developing and maintaining a strong and diverse workforce that reflects the community they serve. 

The department is committed to the use of gender and diversity analysis as an organization-wide policy, and will use this approach in the development and evaluation of their policies, programs and business plans.


The key objectives of this policy are:

  • To eliminate barriers in the work environment, commonly understood as systemic discrimination, and to develop a workplace that actively promotes equality and diversity;
  • To contribute to service delivery that is reflective of and responsive to the community; and
  • To establish a framework that requires all directorates within the RPD to consider equality and diversity in the development of policies, processes, and practices.

The statement has been included as part of the department’s corporate guidelines, and on the RPD website.