Making GBA+ Sustainable

Gender-based Analysis Plus

Building a Framework to Support GBA+ in Your Organization

A Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+) Framework consists of six elements which, together, provide a foundation for an organization’s sustainable and systematic use of GBA+. It can be adapted to any organization’s structure and needs.

The same framework elements apply regardless of your organization or sector. All of the elements are essential to the framework, although they do not necessarily have to be implemented in the order below. Some may occur simultaneously; or, some elements may already be in place in your organization, providing a basis around which to build the rest.

The GBA+ Framework elements are as follows:

  1. A responsibility centre, to oversee the implementation of GBA+ and provide internal advice.
  2. An organizational needs-assessment, to determine what capacity and resources already exist in the organization, and to inform the creation of a work plan.
  3. A policy statement, or statement of intent, to articulate the commitment to GBA+ and provide a mandate for implementation.
  4. GBA+ training and tools, to facilitate buy-in, build capacity and inform different parts of the organization about GBA+.
  5. A GBA+ “pilot” initiative, to provide a concrete example of GBA+ application.
  6. Ongoing monitoring of progress, to highlight successes, best practices, and to identify gaps and new priorities.
Fig5 - Framework elements
[Text version of Fig. 5 – Framework elements]

This figure shows that the six elements of the GBA+ Framework are connected. Each of the elements is written in white letter in a blue box and they are connected by a blue circle. Starting at the top and going clockwise, the elements are: Responsibility centre, Needs-assessment, Policy statement, Training and tools, “Pilot” initiative, and Monitoring. In the middle of the circle in black lettering it states “GBA+ Framework.”

GBA+ Framework – Key Lessons Learned

  • No single element is enough; all are necessary to achieve sustainability. For example, a statement of intent must be accompanied by training and tools that enable employees to understand and practice GBA+.
  • To be effective and to maximize support from analysts to senior managers, a GBA+ Framework needs to incorporate an accountability structure and relevant support mechanisms (e.g., a GBA+ Champion in senior management, an intra-departmental working group) to promote accountability and visibility.
  • The creation of a framework ensures that responsibility for GBA+ extends across the entire organization and to all individuals, from the senior managers who endorse the policy or statement of intent, to the subject-matter experts, who are best positioned to apply GBA+ to specific issues.
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For more information on how to implement GBA+ in your organization, each of the elements of the GBA+ Framework, and an illustrative example, see the optional modules of the Introduction to GBA+ online course.

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