Status of Women Canada Ministerial Transition Book
Status of Women Canada Framework

Status of Women Canada Framework
[Text Version of Status of Women Canada Framework]

Our Vision

A Canada where equality between women and men is achieved in all aspects of society

Our Mandate

“To coordinate policy with respect to the status of women and administer related programs” (Order in Council 1976-776)

Our Mission

To support the advancement of gender equality

Our Roles and Responsibilities

Inform – Engage – Mobilize

Our Key Activities

  1. Raise awareness through commemorative events and outreach activities
  2. Provide expertise in using a gender lens to improve decision-making and service delivery at all levels
  3. Engage organizations with the expertise to support women and girls in reaching their full potential
  4. Disseminate and foster the use of expert knowledge

Our Areas of Focus

Our Structure

Our Resources

Total Budget $30M
Gs&Cs $19.4M
HR 98 (FTEs)
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