Setting the Stage for Girls and Young Women to Succeed

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Theme: Strengthening girls' and young women's economic prosperity

Project Objectives

  • To develop the capacity of girls and young women to identify and respond to specific barriers to fulfillment of their economic potential in Canada.


Projects under this theme will build partnerships and collaboration between individuals, communities and stakeholders to identify and respond to the specific barriers that girls and women face in fulfilling their economic potential. In concert with stakeholders at all levels, girls and young women will help identify the issues affecting their economic participation and expand their understanding of these issues with respect to future economic prospects. Girls and young women will also develop leadership skills and help deliver innovative girl-led strategies to overcome these barriers and positively impact their communities.

Target Population

Girls and/or young women under 25 years of age

Funding Available

Up to $200,000.


Up to 24 months.

Key Activities

  1. Engage and establish working partnerships with relevant community stakeholders. For example: local women, women's and other community organizations, including youth/girl groups, community leaders, young men/boys, parents/parental groups, schools/school boards, student bodies, local, regional or provincial governments, training institutions, etc.
  2. Planproject and adapt to local needs:
    • Conduct a needs assessment, taking gender issues into consideration, for overcoming specific barriers to girls'/young women's fulfillment of their economic potential;
    • Identify barriers as well as priorities and potential strategies for improving girl's/young women's economic prospects.
    • Engage stakeholders in identifying gaps, opportunities, resources, and potential strategies as well as valuable existing institutional mechanisms (for example: policies, programs, services, models, planning and decision-making processes, etc.).
  3. Develop/adapt specific activities for girls/young women to address the priority challenges they have identified in their communities.
    • Identify promising practices to overcome barriers to girls' and young women's fulfillment of their economic potential in Canada.
  4. Delivery and implementation. Projects must, at a minimum, undertake the following activities:
    • Increase awareness among participants and others of specific barriers that can prevent girls and young women from fulfilling their economic potential in Canada.
    • Engage, educate and network with community partner(s).
    • Apply what has been learned to the delivery of girl-led action-oriented and community-based projects that address one or more of the issues preventing girls and young women from fulfilling their economic potential in Canada.

Planned Results (at project's end)

  • Participants and community partners have an increased understanding of issues relating to the specific barriers preventing girls and young women from fulfilling their economic potential in Canada.
  • Girls and young women have gained/strengthened skills to identify and respond to issues related to fulfillment of their economic potential in Canada.

Longer-Term Results (after project's end)

  • More girls/young women are actively engaging and taking on leadership roles to address economic issues in their communities.
  • Stakeholders have taken specific actions to overcome barriers to girls' and young women's fulfillment of their economic potential in Canada.

Project Deliverables (after approval)

Depending on the nature of the proposed project, additional requirements may apply

Month 4

Detailed project documents including: work plan, budget, results framework and performance measurement plan, risk management plan, and list of project partners including descriptions of their contributions

Month 8

Needs assessment report and updated project documents as applicable

Month 12

Interim report

Month 24 or project end date

Final report

To ensure your proposed project fulfills the requirements of this Call for Proposals and the Women's Program's eligibility criteria, contact a Status of Women Canada office to discuss the application with a project officer. This is strongly recommended before filling out the application form.

The development and/or delivery of financial literacy and/or career planning activities/programs for girls/young women should not be the only or primary focus of proposed projects.

Funding cannot be used to support existing and/or ongoing activities or programs; direct services under the jurisdiction of other levels of government (e.g. hot breakfast programs, housing/shelter services for homeless girls/young women, etc.); or recreational activities (e.g. summer camps, support activities/programs such as homework clubs, etc.).