Theme: Advancing Women in Non-Traditional Occupations

Project Objective

To increase opportunities for industry sectors and communities to advance women in non-traditional occupations.


Projects will engage key stakeholders – institutions, employers, sector and professional organizations and communities, etc. – in sector-specific efforts to advance women in non-traditional occupations. Specifically, projects will support women's recruitment, retention and advancement in these industry sectors by strengthening relationships between key stakeholders. Strategic sector partnerships and action plans will be developed to implement projects that create sustainable opportunities to support the advancement of women. Stakeholders will identify sector priorities and promising opportunities; develop industry/sector action plans to address the specific needs of women; and implement and test innovative approaches that cultivate opportunities for women.

Priority will be given to organizations that take a collaborative, multi-stakeholder approach.

Funding Available

Up to $250,000.


Up to 36 months.

Mandatory Key Activities

  1. Engage and establish working partnerships with:
    • local women; and
    • stakeholders and potential supporters, including community organizations, sector leaders, professional or industry associations and existing sector networks, economic development organizations, training institutions, local/regional governments, employers.
  2. Carry out a needs assessment, taking gender issues into consideration, for advancing women in non-traditional occupations (e.g. success factors and recruitment profiles):
    • work with local women to identify the challenges they face, their priorities, viewpoints and potential strategies for achieving prosperity;
    • work collectively with stakeholders to identify most promising opportunities, promising practices and potential strategies; and
    • identify existing institutional supports as well as gaps (e.g. policies, programs, services).
  3. Develop a sector/industry action plan with stakeholders (including a sustainability component).
  4. Implement a sector/industry action plan:
    • work with women, planning partners and community members to implement a priority component of the plan and test solutions; and,
    • all projects must advance a sector-specific priority in strategic partnership with others.

      For example, women and community stakeholders work together to:
      • establish formal employment agreements between local industry leaders and community colleges to hire women graduates, or
      • develop a sector-specific women's employment plan (WEP).


Projects proposing the following types of activities will not be considered under this Call for Proposals:

Planned Results

Project Deliverables (after approval)

Month 4:

Month 12:

Month 24:

Month 36:

Performance reporting requirements and timelines will be determined after the proposed project has been approved.

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