Theme: Improving Prosperity for Immigrant Women

Project Objective

To engage women and community stakeholders in developing and implementing strategies to improve prosperity for immigrant women.


Projects will address institutional barriers and other factors that limit the capacity of community organizations to respond to immigrant women’s economic needs. Specifically, the projects will build strategic partnerships and collaboration between community organizations and other stakeholders to better identify and respond to immigrant women’s economic needs. Stakeholders will work together to identify priorities and promising opportunities within their communities, and will coordinate their efforts to address the specific economic needs of immigrant women. Strategies will be piloted for their effectiveness with immigrant women.

Priority will be given to organizations that take a collaborative, multi-stakeholder approach.

Funding Available

Up to $200,000.


Up to 24 months.

Mandatory Key Activities

  1. Engage and establish working partnerships with:
    • local immigrant women, and
    • stakeholders and potential allies, such as women's and other community organizations, community leaders, immigrant-serving agencies, economic development organizations, employability program providers, financial and training institutions, local/regional governments, employers.
  2. Carry out a needs assessment, taking gender issues into consideration, of the specific economic situation of immigrant women in the community:
    • work with local immigrant women to identify the barriers they face, their priorities, viewpoints and potential strategies for improving their level of prosperity; and
    • identify supports as well as gaps in existing policies, programs, services and decision-making processes.
  3. Develop multi-stakeholder strategies to advance immigrant women's prosperity and address priority challenges:
    • identify promising practices to meet the needs of immigrant women in the community; and
    • engage immigrant women and other stakeholders to ensure tangible results in the context of local need.
  4. Pilot a multi-stakeholder approach:
    • work with women, planning agencies, partners and community members to ensure effective implementation; and
    • coordinate a community response to improve prosperity for immigrant women.

For example, immigrant-serving agencies and community and business stakeholders assist the business community in developing training and/or employment opportunities to bridge immigrant women into meaningful employment.


Projects proposing the following types of activities will not be considered under this Call for Proposals:

Planned Results

Project Deliverables (after approval)

Month 4:

Month 12:

Month 24:

Performance reporting requirements and timelines will be determined after the proposed project has been approved.

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