Theme: Preventing or responding to sexual violence against women and girls through access to community services

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Project Objective

To increase the ability of sexual assault centres or community service providers (where sexual assault centres do not exist) to prevent or respond to sexual violence against women and girls by sharing and implementing promising practices.

Project Description

Each project must include the following two elements:

1. Address institutional barriers

The proposal should address institutional barriers and other factors that limit the capacity of sexual assault centres or community service providers to: engage their communities in preventing sexual violence; and/or respond to the needs of women and girls who are victims of sexual violence.

2. Build collaboration

The proposal should build collaboration between sexual assault centres or community service providers (e.g. women's shelters, organizations supporting victims of violence, and organizations serving ethno-cultural communities, etc.) addressing this issue, and their community partners, to better identify promising practices and coordinate implementation efforts. For example, projects could work to foster information sharing and education of community service providers to improve service responses. By working collaboratively to identify, pilot, and integrate promising practices, sexual assault centres and their partners will strengthen their role in preventing sexual violence and improving access to support services.

Funding Available/Duration

  Funding Available Duration
Projects at the local level Up to $175,000 Up to 24 months
Projects at the national level Up to $300,000 Up to 36 months

Mandatory Key Activities

a) Partnerships

Engage and establish working partnerships with women's and other community organizations working in the field of violence against women and girls, community leaders, stakeholders and potential allies.

b) Needs Assessment

Carry out a needs assessment taking gender issues into consideration with respect to sexual violence and the specific needs of women and girls in your community, including consideration of statistics as well as the nature, causes, and potential solutions to the issue.

c) Collaboration

Partner and collaborate with sexual assault centres or community service providers (where sexual assault centres do not exist) to collectively:

d) Strategy

Work collaboratively with either local community partners and/or as part of a multi-community network to pilot a new or adapted promising practice that addresses the issue of sexual violence against women and girls.

For example:

e) Knowledge Sharing

Ensure that the results of the project are shared with the network of partners consulted and other stakeholders.

Important Considerations

Projects proposing the following types of activities will not be considered under this Call for Proposals:

  • Delivering training to women, unless the training is to facilitate their participation in the project (e.g. facilitation skills).
  • Broadly-based awareness/prevention campaigns.
  • Adding new intervention programs and services.
  • Providing direct access to existing services/supports.
  • Supporting existing and/or ongoing activities or programs, or direct services under the jurisdiction of other levels of government.

Please note:

  • Preference will be given to projects that demonstrate collaboration with partners that are working to address the issue of violence against women and girls.
  • Hospitals and healthcare service providers are not eligible recipients for this call.
  • Where they exist, projects must align with existing provincial/local violence/sexual violence against women and girls frameworks. If this is not the case, projects must have key players at the table, so that information is shared and there is potential for uptake by others. 

Planned Results

Project Deliverables (after approval)

Month 4

Month 12

Month 24

Note: Performance reporting requirements and timelines will be determined after the proposed project has been approved.

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