Theme 3: Collaborating to Advance the Financial Preparedness of Women

Economic Prosperity: Positioning Women of Success

Project Objective

The purpose of this theme is to develop and implement collaborative strategies that advance the financial preparedness of women in Canada

Project Description

Projects will engage key stakeholders in addressing the limitations of current programs and services that address the financial preparedness of women. Projects will find sustainable solutions that meet the lifelong financial preparedness needs of women in Canada.

Funding Available/Duration

Funding Available Duration
Projects at the local level Up to $175,000 Up to 24 months
Projects in multiple communities across Canada Up to $250,000 Up to 30 months

Mandatory Key Activities

a) Partnerships

b) Examine Context

c) Determine and Choose an Option

d) Implementation

e) Knowledge Sharing

Important Considerations

Projects proposing the following types of activities will not be considered under this Call for Proposals:

Planned results

Project Deliverables (After Approval)

Month 4

Month 12 and 24

Project end

Note: Performance reporting requirements and timelines will be determined after the proposed project has been approved.

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