Is the Women’s Program the right match for me?

The mandate of the Women’s Program is to advance equality for women in Canada by working to create conditions for women’s success.

All projects funded by the Women’s Program must contribute to the fulfillment of this mandate. To do this, potential applicants should keep the following key considerations in mind when deciding whether or not to apply for funding from the Women’s Program:

  1. The focus of the Women’s Program is not on directly assisting or changing women, but on systemic change to ensure that women and girls are not excluded because of their gender. To do this, the Women’s Program focuses on supporting projects that work to change practices, policies, customs, etc. that prevent or discourage the participation of women and girls.
  2. The Women’s Program funds projects. A project is defined as having a start date and an end date, and has activities that are time-limited. The Women’s Program cannot fund ongoing programs or services, such as sheltering abused women, and/or providing personal or group counselling that are part of an organization’s regular activities.
  3. Projects must engage others and undertake activities that create, develop or sustain partnerships. Women affected by the issue, partners and stakeholders work together to address the barriers facing women and girls. Change requires action by many players and it is only by including others that progress can be made, and sustained, beyond the life of a particular project.

For more information, please read the Eligibility Requirements and the Application Guide.

Not all organizations are a good fit for Women’s Program funding. However, you are encouraged to apply if your organization:

  • works for change at the systemic level;
  • has a track record of engaging and consulting with others;
  • is a coalition or works in partnership with other organizations and stakeholders on an ongoing basis; and
  • must be working consistently on gender equality issues within the areas of focus of the Women’s Program and is either able to use gender-based analysis or is willing to bring in specialized gender-based experts to assist with your project.
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