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Victim Services Program of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

Engaging Youth in Preventing Violence against Girls and Women

Youth participants

The Victim Services Program of Toronto has completed TEAR (Teens Ending Abusive Relationships), an extraordinarily successful school-based project tailored to youth with disabilities, newcomer youth and youth from minority cultural groups. Forty students – male and female – participated in a leadership training program that included dynamic, youth-led workshops. Through a series of focus groups with local agencies, the 40 youth trainees gathered with more than 500 youth – male and female – from the targeted groups to discuss their concerns and find strategies to address violence against women and girls. A central part of the project was a youth-developed model that has proven effective both for raising awareness of gender-based youth violence and also for lessening its impact on their schools and communities. The organization is sharing knowledge, resources and project learnings with other organizations interested in implementing similar initiatives in their communities.

“The inspiring and powerful T.E.A.R. Project developed and adapted approaches to collaboratively engage and empower youth to address and prevent violence against women in their communities. Youth developed leadership skills and were equipped with the tools to identify and expand their knowledge of violence affecting girls and young women, enabling them to deliver innovative youth-led projects.”

Sarah Rogers, Program Manager
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