#ClaimYourPlace this Women's History Month!

#ClaimYourPlace this Women's History Month!

October is Women's history month — An opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women and girls who have profoundly shaped our country and have claimed their place in history books.

It is also the time to highlight not only those who have paved the way for us, but also the women and girls who continue to carry the torch every day.

But as trailblazer Nellie McClung said, "Yesterday's successes will not do for today: women must claim the place they have won."

So October is also a time to look to the future.

What will history tell of women’s and girls’ achievements in 50 years from now? How about in 150 years?

Our government is committed to doing our part because we know we all play a part.

We all know a woman or girl who has big dreams and has claimed their place to achieve them. But for every story we know about, there are many more that go unheard.

This October, I invite you to share the story of a woman or girl who inspires you and motivates you to claim your place and leave your mark.

Celebrate her and recognize her impact by using the hashtag #ClaimYourPlace on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and let's tell her story together.

I wish all Canadians an excellent Women’s History Month. Happy Women’s History Month, Canada.

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