Disclosure of Grant and Contribution Awards

Recipient Name: Catholic Social Services
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Date: 2007-11-02
Value: $1,100,000.00
Type: Contribution
Purpose: The Edmonton Domestic Violence Centre (DVC) represents an innovative approach to the issue of domestic violence against women and girls. This unique service delivery model will provide services to approximately 3,000 women annually. It will draw upon co-located and community based services, that will be woven together through the linking of domestic violence protocols. A particular focus of these services will be on supporting Aboriginal and immigrant women and girls affected by domestic violence. The Centre will be comprised of integrated co-located services that will be brought together as the Centre develops. These services include: counselling, mental health, medical, police, legal, financial services, access to emergency housin, spiritual and cultural support and childcare.
Comments: Contribution agreement for a Multi-year of a 4 years (2007-2010).