Disclosure of Grant and Contribution Awards

Recipient Name: Women Building Futures
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Date: 2010-01-05
Value: $984,158.00
Type: Contribution
Purpose: This project will pilot an expansion of the Women Building Futures Model, resulting in an increased number of women employed in non-traditional trades throughout Western Canada. The expansion will be achieved by establishing partnerships with training providers, provincial apprenticeship authorities and employers and employer organizations in those regions. Organizations that have expressed interest in such a pilot include Federal and Provincial governments, Canada’s construction and mining sector, post-secondary institutions, AHRDA holder agencies including First Nations, Inuit, and Inuvialuit and Métis Nation organizations. Building on a previous project, this three year pilot project will develop training and employment partnerships to facilitate delivering the Women Building Futures’ Model in Western Canada (Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan and NWT). This Model has consistently resulted in a 90% graduation and employment rate. The Model consists of: an awareness program about the opportunities for women in non-traditional trades; a career-decision making workshop that helps women assess their readiness and compatibility for a trade’s career; and training programs, including a Workplace Culture Conditioning module and job placement and job retention support. A Workplace Conditioning Toolkit for employers will be developed for delivery to employers/partners.
Comments: Multi-year project of 36 months