Disclosure of Grant and Contribution Awards

Recipient Name: Equitas - International Centre for Human Rights Education
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Date: 2012-11-28
Value: $200,000.00
Type: Grant
Purpose: This 24 month project will work to address the specific barriers that Young women aged 15 to 25 from lower income and immigrant communities face in participating in civic, political and community life in four neighbourhoods in Montreal. In partnership with institutional and community based partners, young women will identify needs, key issues, opportunities and gaps. Learning activities on citizenship engagement, community mapping, and designing community action projects will be given. Participants will design and deliver a series of community initiatives to strengthen the participation of girls and young women in their respective neighbourhoods. A roundtable activity will also be designed to allow the young women to present their lessons learned and recommendations to decision-makers in the community.
Comments: Multi-year project