Disclosure of Grant and Contribution Awards

Recipient Name: Canadian Network of Women’s Shelters and Transition Houses
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Date: 2016-06-22
Value: $1,045,000.00
Type: Contribution
Purpose: This 36-month project will address the issue of violence against women by examining the multiple roles that the shelter sector plays in supporting victims. Through this project, the Canadian Network of Women’s Shelters & Transition Houses will develop a comprehensive national profile of shelters to provide reliable and up-to-date information on shelter capacity, scope of services, funding, infrastructure and human resources. This project will empower shelters to engage in a national dialogue on the future of the sector, to inform evidence-based policy making and improve practices. The Network will also engage with poverty, homelessness, housing and Aboriginal sectors, to address the intersectionality between VAW, shelters and housing. Communities of Practice will be organized in order to foster knowledge exchange and dissemination of promising practices as well as the development of a five-year strategic vision, based on the identification of existing strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, in order to inform policy changes in the shelter sector.
Comments: Multi-year project