Action Plan to Address Family Violence and Violent Crimes Against Aboriginal Women and Girls

Tool box

The Action Plan will consolidate and build on existing Government initiatives, and ensure that we are using the best tools at our disposal to prevent violence, support victims, and protect Aboriginal women and girls from these crimes.


Promising Practices

Compendium of Promising Practices, Department of Justice
Compendium of Promising Practices to Reduce Violence and Increase Safety of Aboriginal Women in Canada
Awareness Initiative Engaging Men
I Am a Kind Man
Aboriginal Community Safety Development Contribution Program
Terms and Conditions
2013-2014 Evaluation of the Program
Assembly of the First Nations
Live a Life of Integrity: Teaching and Lessons from Indigenous Male Role Models (video)
I’m Happy Because I’m Safe campaign Phase 1
I’m Happy Because I’m Safe campaign Phase 2


Mental Health
First Nations Mental Health Wellness Continuum Framework, Health Canada
Assembly of First Nations
Framework for Action to Prevent and Address Violence Against Indigenous Women and Girls
National Aboriginal Circle Against Family Violence
Supporting safe family environments in Aboriginal communities
Centre for Research & Education on Violence against Women & Children
Neighbours, Friends & Families Education Campaign
Kanawayhitowin Campaign to address women abuse
Taking Care of Each Other’s Spirit
Public Health Agency of Canada
Stop Family Violence


Native Women’s Association of Canada
Toolkit for Aboriginal Women Escaping Domestic Violence
Family Violence Initiative of the Department of Justice
Publication Abuse is Wrong
The Miykiwan Toolkit
The Miykiwan Toolkit is a tool designed to share knowledge and raise awareness about the impacts of family violence
Shelter Safe
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